Olivia Newton John taps into integrative care with new foundation to support kinder therapies for cancer

Last month, Olivia Newton-John announces the establishment of the Olivia Newton-John Foundation (ONJ Foundation), an independent charity driving global change through funding cutting-edge research and treatment programs, with a particular interest in plant medicine.

These investments in new scientific research and evidence-based wellness programs aim to educate patients and their carers around the globe about holistic care options for people affected by cancer.

“I have lived beyond cancer for the past 28 years and I have learnt so much about the importance of holistic care,” says Newton-John. “On my breast cancer journey, I have always found incredible benefit from the use of various natural therapies, particularly with plant-based medicines. Even through my experiences with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy I’ve always used a range of natural protocols. “

“I have lost way too many friends to cancer and I have never been so resolute about the need for global action,” adds Olivia. “The ONJ Foundation will find and fund individuals and organizations doing exciting and life-changing research, to challenge conventional thinking, taking us closer to a world beyond cancer.”

As both the Founder and a Non-executive Director of the ONJ Foundation, Olivia Newton-John is playing an active role in its establishment. “This is a significant milestone for me” says Olivia. “I want to gather a community who will help me realize my dream because there are so many people with cancer who are hurting right now, I want to help them thrive.”

“There are so many challenges in the world at present – it is a time we are all critically aware of the need to nurture ourselves and those around us,” says Olivia. “But every day, people living with cancer deal with these issues of suppressed immunity and social isolation. There is so much left to discover and with your help we can find kind ways to help them see a world beyond cancer.”

The ONJ Foundation seeks global support from people from all cultures and countries. The foundation can provide US taxpaying donors with tax deductible receipts through its partnership with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) America. Australian taxpaying donors can also receive deductible gift receipts.

For those looking to show their support or receive additional information, please visit www.onjfoundation.org and follow the ONJ Foundation on social media: